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Best Survival Shoes

When it comes to hiking in the wilderness, for pleasure or for means of survival, the type of boots worn will have a tremendous impact on the comfort level of your feet. Given  that there are countless types and designs for hiking boots, it ultimately will come

The SHTF Blueprint – Survive with your family

There are 3 key elements to survival tactics: preparation, preparation, preparation. OK fine that’s one word three times but that just goes to show how important it is. You can brush up on your fire-making skills and train with a crossbow on the weekends as much as

10 Survival Myths that could get you killed

If you’ve seen any sort of disaster movie or reality TV show in which the characters or contestants miraculously figure out how to survive in the wilderness, you’ll probably have made a mental note of what it is they did in order to last until the end

How to Build a Fire (Infographic)

Learning how to make a Fire is one of the basic survival skills and one that you should try to master. FIX put together an awesome infographic that will teach you how to build a fire in the wild, step by step! Don’t hesitate to take a

Sea Survival Guide

Looking at the see mingling endless expanse of water that is the open ocean is an awe inspiring and humbling experience. It’s easy to feel tiny bobbing in the immense expanse that is unpredictable and violent yet beautiful at the same time. Now imagine you’re lost in

Mountain Survival Guide

The mountain landscape is an incredible place. The towering rock faces, snow covered hilltops and breathtaking panoramas that define the mountain landscape have both an intimidating and magnetic quality to them. It’s this magnetism that has drawn throngs of adventure seeks and nature lovers, even a few

Island Survival Guide

Islands are unique and diverse microcosms scattered through the vast oceans of our planet. The wildlife, weather and plant life you find in these landscapes often vary wildly from island to island and some are more dangerous than others. While some islands harbor tigers, alligators and all

Forest Survival Guide

  The forest landscape is a unique microcosm with intriguing wildlife, diverse plant life and awe-inspiring abidance. It’s this untamed beauty that draws throngs of tourist, adventurers and nature lovers year after year to the forests of the world. But dwelling within the forest landscape are a

Jungle Survival Guide

The soul of the jungle is altogether as wild and unreasonable as it is beautiful. The untouched beauty that is the jungle environment has lured countless throngs of adventure seekers and travelers to its depths kind myths to a flame only to find themselves consumed by its

Desert Survival Guide

Introduction When we think of extreme survival situations it’s hard not to come to the topic of desert survival. The desolate landscape and wild temperature swings from blistering daytime heat to below freezing nights make desert survival a uniquely difficult challenge. The plants and animals that call