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Arctic Survival Guide

Unforgiving and bitterly cold. These are the two words that come to mind when we take time to consider the polar survival scenario. Survival in the arctic climate is hands down one of the most challenging survival scenarios one can find themselves faced with. Blinding snowstorms, unbelievably

Urban Survival Guide

When we think of something like urban survival all sorts of scenarios come to mind from meteor strikes to the zombie apocalypse. Quell your imagination for a second and think seriously about this very real survival scenario. In truth, the most common scenario would be a state

Best Survival Knife

There is no shortage of options in choosing a survival knife to become your survival best tool. Everyone has their favorites and different reasons why they would choose one knife over the other. However, it is fair to say that the worth and usefulness of your knife could

Best knife sharpening system

Survivalists such as fishermen and hunters need to carry a knife for performing simple tasks. These tasks can range from splitting wood, cutting, digging and defense among others. Dull knives are quite useless for such tasks. A knife can lose its sharpness over time due to repeated cutting.

Best Survival Crossbows

Crossbows come with most advantages of a regular bow but without the long learning curve. That’s what make them great survival weapons. First time users can start making tight shots relatively quickly, under the guidance of a capable person. If you’d like to be ready for when the

Best Survival Books Reviews

Survival books are invaluable and must-have resources for hikers, campers or wilderness adventurers. They become useful once one is preparing for a weekend getaway or wilderness vacation or simply when the SHTF. Even though the wilderness has wonderful features to inspire mankind, it is possible for Mother