Become a Primal Survivor

The world is going crazy.

Peace never lasts. Diseases spread around the world. Scientists are working on making viruses even more lethal.

How long until the sh** hits the fan?

That’s the reason why I created this website, to help you get ready for the End. It’s not a matter of if, but when. When will a zombie apocalypse hit us. Maybe it won’t be anytime soon. But would you bet your life on it?

Or maybe you don’t really believe in that kind of stuff, which is totally fine. How about getting lost and having to survive in a forest for a few days? This kind of thing happens everyday. Could you handle it and get out of it alive?

Primal Survivor is here to give you tips and guides on what you need in order to survive if ‘it’ happens. Be it an epidemic, a war or if you end up lost on a deserted island… What you will learn are the basic bushcraft and survival skills that could save your life in any condition. But that’s not all.

I want to teach you how to become a Primal Survivor.

What’s a Primal Survivor?

It’s simply someone who can overcome anything that life throws at him. It’s all about survival against the unknown and how to prepare yourself for anything. That means physical conditioning and general knowledge about, well, everything. From biology to hunting, there are skills that can allow anyone achieve the impossible : survive anything.

That implies learning, training, and to a lesser extent getting adequate gears. You will be lucky if you can bring what you need with you, in most situations you will have to rely on what nature provides. That’s why your knowledge is more important than your equipment. Being in a good physical condition is also mandatory, not only to become a Primal Survivor, but because it will protect you from all kind of diseases and give you a longer life expectancy.

I will give you access to resources that will teach you how to survive in any kind of environment. You will have to adapt your gear to where you live, be it a desert or a tropical island. I will give you advices about the best gear and techniques to handle the sun heat or the harsh cold and the best weapons to hunt or protect yourself.

The goal of this website is to prepare you. Once you’ve learned more about survival, grabbed some gear, you will have to train. Train hard. You will need to learn how to train your body and learn to use your equipment. You will also need to simulate some survival training with professionals. There are a lot of survival courses throughout the US and I will help you find one that’s close to you. As I said, you will need to learn how to train your body which is why a section of this website will focus on fitness. What’s more important than being able to sprint or climb a tree when a lion tribe or a zombie herd is about to eat you alive?

Having basic bushcraft skills should be in everyone’s inventory. I think everyone should also pay attention to their health and try to increase their knowledge. We spend a lot of time working with computers and watching TV, but let’s not forget where we come from. Nature has a lot to offer if you are willing to acquire the right knowledge.

That’s what this website is all about.

Interested? You can start reading about the Primal Survivor’s training or about the fundamentals of survival.

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