The Primal Survivor’s Training – How to survive a disaster

While checking the news, you suddenly hear about some people having weird behavior and starting to attack other people. You look at your TV and see, horrified, the reporter getting bitten by some crazy girl. Now you’re thinking, is this it? Did a zombie apocalypse just started? Now you might be regretting not paying more attention to this website you once saw which talked about getting ready and prepare for the worst. You didn’t listen to the advices given on the website, you didn’t get in a better shape, stockpile food and acquired some weapons. And now, you’re screwed.

That was a bit fatalist. I guess you still have time and you won’t make the same mistake than the guy above. In this article, I want to talk about what you can do to get ready for anything. That could be zombies, but more realistically, it will probably be something that nobody could have expected. So how you get ready for something like this?

You learn about everything that could save your life!

You can initiate yourself to anything that could help you surviving alone in a forest, or protecting your family in a devastated world.

This is an overview of the Primal Survivor’s training.

Health & Fitness

The first thing you need is being healthy. It’s sad to say, but fat people won’t survive. They won’t be able to move fast, run from dangers and fight back against enemies. So take control of your life and start loosing those pounds. Honestly, even without a potential disaster, you should still get in shape. Remember this saying :

You are what you eat.

Maybe this is the occasion for you to change your life. After all, your body is the image of yourself you show to the world. I know it’s not easy, but a lot of people have successfully improved their life by losing weight. I’m not saying you need to be super skinny or have huge muscles. A bit of fat is not that bad but it should not impact your physical capabilities. There are great programs to improve your general health, lose some weight and prepare for anything.

If something happens, you might have to walk 4 to 8 hours per day, or spend a few hours tracking a prey to provide food for your family. While doing that, you might end up on some predators and you will need to run or fight to save your life. You might have to climb a tree or a cliff to escape. Really, anything can happens and I want to share with you the best ways to be prepared.

Since you need to be ready for anything, you should focus both on strength and endurance. Improving your strength will sculpt your body and help you fight, sprint and climb. Endurance is also your best friend. Walking long distances, being able to run for 1 hour, are very useful skills when you are trying to survive.

You will be able to read more about strength and endurance training in the fitness part of this website. I will give some workout that won’t take you more than 20 minutes per day but can have a huge impact on your lifestyle. Plus, it can save your life. Of course, fitness is nothing without the proper alimentation so there will be articles about it. You will be able to read about alimentation during your preparation and alimentation to survive during a disaster.

You can get started with survival fitness here.

Bushcraft (Wilderness Skills) – Learn to be a survivor

Being fit, you can handle a lot of sh**. But that won’t be enough if you don’t actually know how to survive. The skills required to survive really depends on the environment you have to survive in. Surviving in a desert is completely different from surviving in a tropical forest. There are a lot of great resources such as books and videos available on the Internet. I will talk about those in the guide section.

Theory is great to learn the bases, but nothing is like practice. If you’re serious about this, you should try to find Survival Training Courses. In this kind of real-life course, professionals, usually retired military, will take you into a real survival situation. You will experience how it’s really like to live from what the Earth provides.

Here’s a sample of what they will teach you : – Orientation – Finding Water – Making Fire – Building a shelter – Building weapons – Avoid dangerous animals and plants – Learn which plants and animals can be eaten safely – And much more!

There is really nothing like this kind of experience. If, for any reason, this is not available to you due to price or location, books and videos will give you the knowledge you need to survive. There are still many things you can experiment simply in your garden. Making a fire, building a shelter, getting used to sleep outdoors, etc.

Useful skills to survive

There are a few activities, considered as hobbies, that can make a huge difference if you want to survive. Not only joining a club for these activites can help you survive, they are also a lot of fun!


As said earlier, having a defined workout routine is a huge plus. Doing it 2 to 3 times a week is enough to stay in shape.

Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing is a useful skill if you live in a mountainous area. Not only rock climbing is fun, but it will also strengthen your upper body. Rock climbing will teach you how to climb cliffs, trees or anything too vertical to walk.


If you plan to survive for a long period of time, you will need to find food. A lot of food can be found with plants and trees, like berries and roots. But hunting will usually provide good quantities of meat. Hunting is far from easy and in a survival environment you will probably not have gun. Even if you have one, once the ammo is gone, you can say goodbye to your source of protein. See what I recommend in the next section


Learn to use a bow or a crossbow. Not only they are great for hunting, they can also be used to defend yourself against zombies. Arrows can be reused or built with what the nature provide. The best bows today are the compound ones so I will talk about those in the reviews. However, a bow can be built in nature just like the arrows if you don’t have a compound bow or if you could not take it in your precipitation to escape a disaster. We’ll see how. Crossbows are easier to use than bows but also take more time to reload. If you cannot handle a bow, even a compound one, a crossbow is a great alternative.

Getting Started with Archery.


Hiking is a great way to have a taste of survival. You will also be able to enjoy beautiful landscapes!


If you don’t know how to swim, go learn now. And get good at it. Swimming is simply required if you want to survive.


Fishing can provide you with a great source of food and you can fish in so many ways. Even without any tools, you can still figure out ways to catch fish. But you can also use a fishing rod, a knife, a spear or a bow!

Self Defense & Martial Arts

Learning to protect yourself should also be on your priority list. You could be attacked by anything if a disaster happens. So you should be ready to fight for your life. You should be able to easily find martial arts clubs where you live. Pick one oriented over results instead of beauty. Krav Maga or self defense is probably a better choice than Karate or Taekwondo. I’m not denigrating those martial arts, but you will reach proficiency faster with Krav Maga for example.

Learn to track and orientate yourself

If you get into hunting, you will probably learn to track your prey. But even if you don’t like hunting, being able to notice bear tracks is an indispensable skill. By the way, if you see bear tracks, get the hell out of there.

Orientation is the number one skill you need. There are a few ways to orientate yourself. Technological solutions like GPS are a great way to navigate. But they rely on battery that will die. A compass is a more durable solution but you need to know your environment. Finally, if you don’t have a compass, there is always the sky. And you cannot break or loose it! Learning to read the stars might be the difference between life and death so don’t forget about it.

And much more!

There are a lot more to learn to become a real Primal Survivor. I can’t simply talk about everything in this post, but don’t worry, a lot more will be coming with everything you need to know.

Looking for more? Learn the fundamentals of Surviving anywhere!

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