Best Survival Tents

Shelter is an important thing to have when roughing it out in the wilderness. While sleeping under the stars seems like a great idea, getting caught outside in a sudden downpour and waking up to a cold isn’t. You can opt to build your own shelter, but the amount of effort and energy it would take, to collect the materials and construct a lean-to for a night or two just isn’t worth it. This brings us to the topic of tents.

What are tents?

Tents are temporary shelters made especially for camping trips. Bringing one can guarantee that you’ll have, not only a roof over your head at night, but essentially a safe enclosed space that will keep you safe during your stay in the wild.

How can it save your life?

Rain isn’t the only thing that tents can keep out. Most tents are made for the type of weather you’d be experiencing. There are tents that are made specifically to keep you warm, to prevent you from getting hypothermia. Other tents keep out insects, these insects could carry disease or you could just be allergic to them. Whatever the design, tents are there to protect you while you sleep.

As with any gear, it is best to test it out at home before heading out on your trip. Practicing setting up the tent and packing it away again while you can helps save time when you’re already in your camping site.

What makes a good tent?

As always, your tent should suit your needs. Good tents should keep the bugs out, give you a roof over your head, and keep you warm. They should also be made of durable material that can withstand the weather, but should be light enough that you can strap them onto your backpack. Depending on the season you plan to go camping in, it’s best to check if the tent you wish to purchase can be used the whole year-round. Buy a tent that will fit the right number of people, buying a big tent when it’s just you will mean carrying more weight for no reason.

Here are a few of the best tents there are on the market.

1. Eureka! Solitaire


For a single person on a solitary hiking trip, this three-season tube tent is light, weighing only 2.9 pounds, and fully functional. It keeps the weather and the insects out, but keeps the heat in. This tent needs to be anchored to the ground to prevent it from curling up on itself. Setting it up is simple, even if the design looks complex. The floor and fly fabrics of the tent is made of 70D nylon taffeta, while the wall fabrics is made of 40D no-see-um mesh. This tent is available at Amazon with a price of $71.92.

2. StanSport “Scout” Backpack Tent


A three-season tent built for two, featuring the classic A-frame, this tent is light, weighing only 3.8 pounds. The material is waterproof and durable, needing the tent to be anchored only if it’s windy. The tent has a mesh screen to keep the bugs out but let air in. The poles are lightweight aluminum, the screen is made of no-see-um mesh, while the upper is a polyurethane-coated nylon, and the floor is made of polyethylene. It is very affordable at $23.88 in Amazon.

3. Guide Gear 10×10′ Teepee Tent


This is a big tent for camping with company, and can comfortably fit six and weighs 14 pounds, but it is well worth that weight if you consider the fact that it is weather-proof. It has a water-proof shell and weather-proofed windows, as well as multiple vents that keep your tent from feeling stuffy and humid. The teepee is easy enough to set-up, since it doesn’t have as many poles to confuse you with, and the floor is attached. Check Amazon to read and know more about this tent, priced at $99.99.

Always choose products that are suited for your needs and experience, and always check them out and test them before heading out your door. Dealing with an emergency like a ripped tent could be prevented if you buy durable equipment and maintain them.

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