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In any survival scenario, the most useful commodity needed in order to ensure survival is fire. Having access, or the ability, to make fire, automatically gives you an edge in surviving out in the wilderness for a significantly longer time than if you were without fire. Fire provides warmth in cold weather conditions, the ability to cook any food that might have otherwise gone to waste, the ability to purify water through the process of boiling, a sense of security by keeping large predators at bay, and it keeps the bugs and mosquitoes away. When discussing fire starters, many factors come into play such as the type of starter, how easy the starter is to use in uncontrollable conditions, and the dependability of the starter.

Why have a Fire Starter?

Having the ability to produce a fire using a simple tool such as a magnesium starter or storm proof matches will provide you with warmth, the ability to cook most food, a sense of security, purified water, and any other purpose where having a fire would be beneficial. Firestarters, for the most part, are relatively inexpensive and small in size, which make it a no-brainer when it comes to deciding to purchase one or not.



Staying warm in a cold environment can be the difference between life and death in some cases. Being able to strike a magnesium flint starter and produce a spark of high temperature will allow you to travel more often while in the wilderness due to the fact that you will be able to produce afire more easily using a starter compared to having to rub sticks together or any other survival method of sparking a flame. Staying warm in a cold environment could save your life from extreme temperatures in some cases. Having a fire will also allow you to dry any clothes that might have gotten wet or have moisture trapped in them. Having to wear a wet pair of socks in a survival scenario could be detrimental to your feet and toes and could result in hospitalization and loss of extremities that could have otherwise been avoided had you been able to dry your clothes over a fire.


Ability to Cook Food

Everyone has to eat. In any survival scenario, it is crucial to get a fire going so that in the event that you catch a fish or kill a small animal, you can safely prepare the animal to eat so that you do not contract any diseases or foodborne illnesses from consuming raw food that should be cooked over a flame.


Purify Water

Not having clean and pure drinking water readily available in a survival scenario is sure to cause some setbacks when trying to survive in the wilderness. Taking a chance on whether the water you have stumbled upon is clean and parasite-free is a gamble that will rarely pay off. Consuming unclean water, you are putting yourself at risk of consuming bacteria and parasites that could cause you serious harm and possible death. While the water in a flowing stream is more pure than static water, it’s safe to assume that any and all water will contain some form of parasites or bacteria that will be detrimental to your survival and health. Having a fire starter and the ability to create a flame will allow you to clean and purify the water through the boiling process. When water is boiled at 100 degrees Centigrade (212 degrees Fahrenheit), all the bacteria and parasites are “killed” and the water is then safe to consume once it has cooled back down to a cooler temperature that will not burn you. Having a fire starter to create fire to purify water allows you to be more nomadic in your traveling and exploring and that you will not have to boil a lot of water at one time. Instead, you have a fire starter that will provide you with a fire to purify water whenever you need to which is always more beneficial compared to the alternative method.



It is a well-known fact that fire can be used to protect you from larger animals, especially at night. The sense of security that comes with the ability to produce fire at a moment’s notice is a very desirable skill that becomes nearly effortless with having a good fire starter. It is important to rest in a survival scenario, and it would be difficult to rest at night without knowing what’s out there or what could harm you. Having a fire starter allows you to create a fire that will warn off nearby predators that might otherwise see you as an easy target. The fire also acts as a “natural bug repellent” in that mosquitoes will not be constantly biting you at night when they are mostly out.


What Makes a Good Fire Starter?

When deciding to purchase a fire starter, it is important to know what distinguishes an effective starter from an ineffective one. An effective fire starter will be dependable, easy to use, and compact in size so that traveling with it does that burden or weigh you down. While most starters require the same methods to operate, it is important to know which starter will best fit you and your personal knowledge about using fire starters to start a flame. Having one that is a small in size will be beneficial as it will not be something big and clunky that you would have to carry around or take up a lot of space in your bag. Dependability, like just with any product, comes into play when deciding on which fire starter are you going to purchase that will ensure your starter is going to work when you most need it. Be sure to also make note that the starter you purchase will work in various types of environments. Meaning make sure it is water, wind, and storm proof and how many strikes it is generally meant to last for. Listed below are some examples of efficient and practical starters and all can be found on Amazon.


Products to Consider

1) Magnesium Starter (basic product)

Magnesium Starter

Magnesium Starter

This product is your basic, run-of-the mill, magnesium fire starter. It is roughly 3 inches long and weighs about 0.6 ounces. It is a non-rusting product and very basic but dependable starter. Price is roughly $5 an can be found on Amazon.

2) BlizeTec Survival Magnesium Flint Fire Starter (6-in-1)

BlizeTec Survival Magnesium Flint Fire Starter (6-in-1)

BlizeTec Survival Magnesium Flint Fire Starter (6-in-1)

The BlizeTec fire starter is more than just a starter. It is a tool that has many uses for survival. It includes a fire starter rod, luminous handle that glows-in-the-dark at night, emergency ruler with a serrated edge to shave trimmings, a bottle opener, and a survival whistle. Roughly 4 inches long and can produce a spark up to roughly 3,038 degrees Centigrade (5,500 degrees Fahrenheit). This starter is wind and water proof and can withstand cold weather and still produce a spark. Will last up to 12,000 strikes. Price is roughly $15 on Amazon. A very useful survival tool and worth the little extra money.


 3) MyCrisis Gear Magnesium Fire Starter

This magnesium fire starter is dependable, compact, and water proof. It also comes a with a mini-saw tool used to create shavings for the spark to catch in a flame. Comes with a flint and striker tool and is priced at about $7 on  Amazon.


4) UCO Stormproof Match Kit

UCO Stormproof Match Kit

UCO Stormproof Match Kit

This product from UCO is a container of 25 stormproof matches that are larger than the normalsize which allow them to be more useful. The matches will burn despite coming in contact withwater or wind, and same goes for their container. This is a durable product that is easier to use than a magnesium starter, but has limited use because it can only hold up to 40 matches at a time.This product is roughly $10 on Amazon, but is much easier to use for the less experienced individual.

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