Best Survival Bags

When going on a trip outdoors, you need to be prepared for the worst. That said, you need all your equipment like canteens, flashlights, matches, food, and all other necessities that one could possibly bring to survive the great outdoors. Since you need so many things, you also need a bag to put all these things in. The bag itself has to be light enough not to be an added burden, but durable enough that it won’t tear because of all the gear that you’re packing.

While bags come in all shapes and forms, you can’t just use any ordinary messenger bag when you’re going hiking. Messenger bags and other bags like duffel bags tend to skew your center of gravity to one side. On a flat terrain, this won’t really matter much, but on uneven ground or when you’re on the edge of a cliff, you need your balance to keep you from falling.

What It Is

Basically, a survival bag is a bag filled with essentials for you to be able to make it when you’re out in the wild. This is where things like matches, extra clothes, food, sometimes even your survival knife is stored.

How It Can Help

In the wild, all you have to rely on are your skills and what you brought with you. A well-packed and well-organized bag is a major time saver from activities like setting up camp to the mundane task of retrieving your water bottle for a sip.

What Makes A Good Bag 


As stated above, the bag shouldn’t offset your center of balance that much, since balance is essential in keeping a stable footing on uneven terrain. Thus, the bag itself should not weigh so much. Keep in mind that you’ll probably be bringing along canned goods and filled water canteens, which add to the weight of your bag. The heavier your bag is, the more your center of balance is shifted, and the more strain it puts on your back and your energy. Choose a bag that is light enough that it won’t add any more unnecessary strain on you.


In the wild, you’ll need a bag that won’t tear easily. Bags can tear when they snag on rocks or branches, but bags can also tear if they exceed the maximum weight capacity that they could carry. When choosing a bag, take note of the maximum weight that the manufacturers state the bag could handle. If you know that you’ll probably be packing more than the bag could handle, choose a different bag. It’s always better to choose a bag that can handle more weight than you intend to put in it.

Compartments and Mount Points

Most survival bags come with several compartments and mount points. Segregating your things could come in handy, especially if you need an item quickly, so that you don’t have to rummage through your whole bag just to get something. Mount points are great for those extra things like tents or sleeping bags, things that are generally not put into the bag itself.

Belts and Buckles

Some backpacks come with belts and others come with buckles at the straps. These help you secure your pack to your body. These are helpful when you need to make sure your pack is stable and won’t jostle you as you make way through your trek.

Best Bag To Buy

After being given the important details you need in order to choose the right bag for hiking, you’ll realize that there are so many bags available on the market that claim to be the best. The following listing was generated from the good user reviews that each item was given.

1. Sport Outdoor Military Rucksacks Tactical Molle Backpack Camping Hiking Trekking Bag

 Sport Outdoor Military Rucksacks Tactical Molle Backpack Camping Hiking Trekking Bag

Sport Outdoor Military Rucksacks Tactical Molle Backpack Camping Hiking Trekking Bag

This is a small bag, weighing around 2.5 pounds. It has two big compartments and two front compartments which make segregating your gear easy. There’s a compartment at the back for a water bladder. The bag has straps and buckles to securely fasten it to your body.  You could also attach a sleeping bag over it or at one of its sides. This bag is a good buy with its solid stitching and good quality material, given that it only costs $20-$90 on Amazon. The only downside to this bag is that it’s not recommended for long hiking trips because of the limited space it has to put gear in. Otherwise, this is a great bag for those overnight trips.

2. Spec Ops T.H.E. Ultimate Assault Pack

Spec Ops T.H.E. Ultimate Assault Pack

Spec Ops T.H.E. Ultimate Assault Pack

From the same manufacturers of the assault packs that were deployed to Afghanistan and Iraq, this bag is a little bit on the heavy side, weighing around 4 pounds, but it is a great outdoor pack. The material itself is durable and the straps were stitched in such a way that they won’t easily rip off. It has big compartments for most of your things, and it still has a few more compartments for things like a water bladder or a GPS. The body of the bag has buckles that can compress the bag. The bag is a bit pricey, costing around $200 on Amazon, but it is well worth the price because aside from its durability and fine quality, it has a lifetime guarantee.

3. Sandpiper of California Bugout Backpack

Sandpiper of California Bugout Backpack

Sandpiper of California Bugout Backpack

A good bag weighing just over 2 pounds, this backpack has an assortment of compartments for your camping needs. Its straps are sturdy enough that they won’t break, but are padded for comfort. There is a sleeve at the back that is just perfect for your water bladder. It’s a durable bag that can fit several days of clothes or whatever camping gear you need. The price ranges from $60-90 on Amazon, but it is a good buy for something of that price.

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