Barnett Ghost 350 CRT Crossbow Package

Barnett Ghost 350 CRT Crossbow Package

Ghost 350 CRT Crossbow Package is yet another new pioneering innovation by Barnett. It is built with carbon riser technology which is super strong, ultra-light and patent protected. Carbon riser technology boasts of an incredible safety factor ratio of 5 to 1. The Ghost 350 comes packaged with a complete set of Whiplash cams and Crosswire strings. These accessories are responsible for providing a faster, quieter, smoother and more precise shot within a compact fit. Precisely, the 350 FPS speed together with the anti-dry fire metal injection molding trigger system make the Ghost 350 crossbow irresistible to own.

  • Barnett Ghost 350 CRT


Dimensions24" x 37"
Mass Weight 7.6 lbs
Draw Weight 175 lbs.
Velocity 350 fps
Power Stroke 12"
Energy 116 foot pounds
Arrow Length 20"

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  • 350 fps!
  • Very high quality
  • Super lighweight
  • Perfect for any kind of hunting!
  • Pricey


Ghost 350 CRT is one of Barnett’s lightest bows ever manufactured. It weighs slightly over 7.5 pounds due to the Carbon Riser Technology used in the development. This technology removes the entire front – end weight and balances the center of gravity towards the end of the stock. It is also responsible for boasting the crossbow’s 5 to 1 safety factor.

The crossbow shoulders with greater comfort and is easier to carry around. Operational power is not a sacrifice for this model since it operates at an impressive speed of 350-feet per second. The crossbow is manufactured in the USA and comes with a complete package of a quiver, three arrows and a rope cocking device.

Using the Barnett Ghost 350 majorly involves taking down the elk or the deer. Firing an arrow and watching it hit your target is an exciting sight to behold. Overall, Barnett Ghost 350 crossbow is an excellent tool for hunting small, medium as well as large – sized games.


Price (4.5/10)

The specifications of the bow are good and deserve the extra price. However, the price might sound fairly expensive to attain.

Accuracy (5/5)

All users agree on the accuracy of the Barnet Ghost 350 CRT. In fact, some do agree the crossbow is dead accurate to about 50 yards.

Weight (5/5)

This crossbow is designed with excellent weight distribution to reduce its frontal heaviness. Thus, it is comfortable to carry around.Durability (9/10)

The string on the bow can last for as long as it can without breaking. It is built perfectly to survive the tension resulting from shooting or hunting.


Barnett Ghost 350 CRT Crossbow Package is a reliable tool for use in survival situations such as hunting. However, you can consider purchasing the Barnett Outdoors Carbon Crossbow 20 – Inch Arrows with field points (5 pack) to boost your hunting experience.


Barnett has for a long time been known to design and manufacture high quality crossbows. Ghost 350 CRT also comes with a limited manufacturer’s warranty of five years. The warranty covers the stock, limbs and trigger mechanism. With the excellent customer service at Barnett, all the problems you encounter will your Ghost 350 CRT will be handled appropriately.

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