Cold Steel 80PGTK GI Tanto 7" Carbon

Cold Steel 80PGTK GI Tanto 7″ Carbon

Cold Steel 80PGTK GI Tanto 7” Carbon is an amazing tactical knife. Although lean and spare, this knife is packaged with a multitude of practical uses. Its uses range from hunting to camping among other day to day activities where a sharp and strong blade is required.

  • Quality
  • Value
  • Ergonomy


Blade Length7"
Total Length12"
Weight1.2 lbs

  • Cheap
  • Solid Knife
  • Can become uncomfortable to use
  • Will rust unless you take care of it

Contents of the G.I Tanto package

This package consists of the following.

  • The Knife.
  • Sheath in its wrapping.
  • Coupons and return instructions. This knife has a 30-day return policy. The relevant paperwork for return is included in the package.
  • Magazine outlining different types of knives and personal gear for protection while in the wilderness.


G.I Tanto features a broad, seven-inch blade designed from 1055 carbon steel. A black, rust resistant finish is used on the under-cover of the blade for purposes of protection. When using the knife, users enjoy a heavy and balanced feel in the hand due to the integrated polypropylene handle scales and quillon guards. Removing the handle scales turns the knife into a war club or spear. Moreover, the knife comes equipped with a Secure-Ex sheath and a sharp razor edge ready for use.


G.I Tanto features the following specifications:

  • Blade length (7 inches).
  • Blade thickness (4 millimeters).
  • Handle length (5 inches).
  • Blade steel manufactured from 1055 carbon.
  • Overall length of 12 inches.


  • New generation models of the G.I Tanto knife feature a free and secure-ex Kydex sheath. The sheath is meant to carry the knife around the belt. Ideally, it is manufactured from hard plastic and the additional straps are of good quality.
  • The knife “clicks” perfectly into the sheath and seems quite secure. Knives with a secure-ex sheath are of great value and hold up better than knives priced 15x more.
  • Hand guards are integrated with plastic scales that serve as extra security whenever activities get slippery.
  • It comes when decently sharpened.
  • The G.I Tanto is an absolute tank knife designed from one thick, durable and stamped piece of steel. It exhibits full tang solidity when at its best. Users feel more secure when holding the knife, due to its balanced weight and size.


  • 1055 Carbon steel used in the manufacture of the blade is prone to rusting more than 1095 or 1075 series.
  • It is built on a tanto platform and thereby non-ergonomic. The tanto platform is meant to influence a “chiseled and angled” orientation of the blade. However, some parts such as the choke, handle and hand guards are straight angled. This reduces the user’s comfort when handling harder tasks.


G.I Tanto is a great example of what Cold Steel is capable of. They manufacture work horse knives that cut and chop pretty well. The sheath is a wonderful inclusion considering its affordable price. Do not waste your money on similar knives sold by rip off individuals posing as elite military operators. Get the legit G.I. Tanto designed by Cold Steel and enjoy more than your money’s worth

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