The Infinite Edge Black Ops

The Infinite Edge Black Ops

If you’d like to prepare yourself to survive any kind of disaster, getting into archery and learning how to use a compound bow is a great way to increase your chances to live. In this first review, I want to show you the best bow to start shooting arrows and sharpen your skills. This review is mainly addressed at beginners.

If you don’t know anything about archery yet, take a look at the guides I wrote that should gives you the basics.

So let’s talk about this amazing bow, the Infinite Edge.


  • Infinite Edge Bow

Perfect for beginners

Draw Weight 5-70 lbs
Mass Weight 3.1 lbs
Effective Let-Off 75%
Draw Length 13-30
Kinetic Energy 74.7ft-lbs
Axle to axle 31"
IBO Speed 310 fps
Brace Height 7"

  • Very versatile
  • Adaptable to any archer
  • Affordable
  • Good for training and hunting
  • Requires tweaking
  • The provided sight is not great


The Infinite Edge Bow is made by Diamond Archery (BowTech) and is a very versatile bow. Which makes it great for a lot of objectives, including learning archery, improving your shooting skills, go hunting, fight off zombies and bears, and even bow fishing. It’s actually defined as a youth bow, but it can clearly be used by anyone and might be the only bow you will ever need.

The versatility of theInfinite Edge comes from the ranges it offers for draw length (13″ to 30″) and the draw weight (5 lbs to 70 lbs). Now you know why kids can use this bow and why they can actually keep it their whole life. Since the bow is actually quite light (3.1 lbs), kids and women will have no problem using it.

At 310 fps (211 mph), the Infinite Edge provides a great speed for the bucks. More expensive bows will give you faster arrows, but for what we are looking for (training & survival), this bow is a great solution, specially if you are on a budget.

What you will get

If you get the bow from ’Amazon’, you will also get :

– A 3-pin Apex sight
– A Hostage XL arrow rest
– An Octane DeadLock Lite quiver
– A Tube peep sight
– A BCY string loop

The 3-pin Apex sight is not the best sight available so you might want to change that to something like the’Trophy Ridge Punisher 5 Sigth’ or the ’TRUGLO Carbon XS 4 Pin Camo Archery Sight.


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Where to get it

You can get the bow from ’Amazon’.

Bow in Action

If you’d like to see the bow in action, checkout this youtube video.