Quest Drive Compound Bow

The Quest Drive

The Quest Drive is a bow well worth this investment. The finish on this bow is simply amazing and second to none. This bow was built with 3 words in mind : Forgiveness, Smoothness, Accuracy. And that’s exactly what you will get. The Quest Drive is a survivor’s and hunter’s best friend.

  • Quest Drive

Great bow for a trained Survivor

Draw Weight 40 lbs - 70 lbs
Mass Weight 4.3 lbs
Effective Let-Off 80%
Draw Length 26" - 31"
Axle to axle 33.25"
IBO Speed 330 fps
Brace Height 7"

  • 330 fps!
  • Very high quality
  • Extremely Smooth Draw
  • Ready to Shoot
  • Very accurate and forgiving
  • Perfect for hunting
  • A bit Heavy
  • Expensive
  • For intermediate to advanced archers


Thanks to the new Flux Cam, neither zombies nor deers will hear a sound when you shoot and they won’t know what’s coming to them.

If you are a confirmed archer, the Quest Drive will do miracles in your hands. It is a very forgiving bow that will give you super accurate shots. With a draw weight starting at 40 lbs, I would not recommend this bow to a beginner. If you are one, take a look at the Infinity Edge which is a great bow to get started. The draw weight goes up to 70 lbs.

At 4.3 lbs, the bow might feel heavy for some people. If you have any doubt, you should go try it in an archery shop.

This bow comes loaded with everything you will need to go hunt 5 minutes after the unpacking. Let’s see what you will get exactly.

What you will get

If you get this bow from  ’Amazon’, you will get :

– Head-Loc quiver
– Tool-less sight with light
– Halo rest
– Wrist Sling
– Stabilizer
– 1/4″ Meta Peep


Checkout my article on how to get arrows for your bow.

Where to get it

You can get the bow from ’Amazon’ or in any Basspro shop. Be aware that the model on Amazon is the 60 pounds. If you want the 70 pounds, you can get it on Bass Pro online shop.

Bow in Action

Here’s a video if you’d like to see the bow in action!