PSE Surge bow Break-Up Infinity

The PSE Surge Break-Up Infinity

If you are looking for a more professional feel than the Infinite Edge, the PSE Surge might be a good option. Faster, better, stronger, let’s see what’s up with this compound bow by PSE Archery!


  • PSE Surge

Awesome for Zombie killing

Draw Weight 30-70 lbs
Mass Weight 4.3 lbs
Effective Let-Off 75%
Draw Length 19.5 to 30"
Kinetic Energy 74.7ft-lbs
Axle to axle 32.5"
IBO Speed 320 fps
Brace Height 7.25"

  • Ready to shoot
  • Highly Adjustable
  • High efficiency
  • Smooth Draw
  • Accuracy
  • Great for hunting
  • Pricey for beginners
  • A bit heavy


The PSE Surge is a high efficiency compound bow. What does that mean? It means this bow is great at transferring energy to the arrow. So your arrows will go far and fast in total silent!

This bow is also highly adjustable with a Draw Weight from 30lbs to 70lbs. As a beginner, you might prefer a bow offering lower initial draw weights to ease the training, like the Infinite Edge. But even with a minimum draw weight of 30lbs, children should be able to handle this bow.

The problem, however, could lie in the weight. At 4.3 lbs, some adults and kids might feel it in their shoulders after a long use. Since this review is all about survival, I can’t recommend this bow unless you are robust enough to handle it. If you have any doubts, the best solution is to go directly to a Outdoor/Archery shop and try it.

With this bow, you can expect to shoot arrows at 320 fps making it a great weapon to hunt deers or killing zombie beavers.

This bow is part of the Ready To Shoot series which means you can start shooting as soon as you open the package. Don’t hesitate to try it, but before getting serious with it, I’d recommend going to an archery shop to have it tuned. Basspro offers this kind of services.

Note : If you get this bow, don’t forget to wax your bow’s strings on a regular basis. If you use your bow a lot, wax the strings at least once every 2 weeks. Here’s an example of a good wax you can use : ’Allen 674 Bow String Wax’.

What you will get

The Ready To Shoot Package on ’Amazon’ includes the following items :

The Gemini Sight

Gemini Sight

PSE Flexxtech 2 Stabilizer

PSE Flexxtech 2 Stabilizer

Octane Hostage XL Arrow Rest

Octane Hostage XL Arrow Rest

PSE Neoprene Sling

PSE Neoprene Sling

PSE Shadow Quiver

PSE Shadow Quiver

You will also get a Peep Sight and a Nock Loop.


Checkout my article on how to get arrows for your bow.

Where to get it

You can get the bow from ’Amazon’.

Bow in Action

Here’s a video if you’d like to see the bow in action!